Buckhorn State Park Boat Launch Parking Lot Improvements

Project Description

Vierbicher was selected by the Division of Facilities Development under the Small Projects Program to provide design and construction administration services for expansion of the Boat Launch C parking lot at Buckhorn State Park (DFD Project 10H2X).

Launch C is a heavily used parking and boat launch area on Castle Rock Lake. Restrooms and a public beach make this area a popular recreational destination for boaters and park users. Prior to this project, a lack of parking required patrons to park along adjacent County Trunk Highway G, creating hazardous conditions for users, pedestrians and passing motorists.

The project goals included expanding parking to support the boat launch, improving access to the lot through installation of turn lane improvements on County Trunk Highway G, improving access to the existing restroom facilities, and designing stormwater management facilities to maintain water quality for runoff reaching Castle Rock Lake.

To achieve these goals Vierbicher worked with the Juneau County Highway department to design turning movements into the launch area to minimize traffic disruptions on County Trunk Highway G. Within the site, Vierbicher designed an angled boat parking layout to work with existing launch traffic patterns and maximize the number of potential parking stalls within the available project area. This parking expansion allowed for installation of a paved accessible route between the new parking lot to existing restroom facilities. Finally, bio-retention facilities were designed to clean runoff from the newly paved areas before discharging to Castle Rock Lake.


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources / Wisconsin Department of Administration


Necedah, Wisconsin




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