Cardinal View Senior Living Facility Site Development

Project Description

Middleton was named among the greatest in the state for senior housing, a hotspot for individuals over 80 years of age. Developing the Cardinal View Senior Living Facility so people can live out their golden years was an easy decision. This project is the first in a series of development projects along Tribeca Drive. The three story facility accommodates 99 units with underground parking on approximately 3.5 acres. It features restaurant-style dining, a salon, wellness rooms, and outdoor recreation facilities, while also creating 45 full-time and 35 part-time jobs. The design maximizes green space by providing outdoor amenities.

Vierbicher’s services included topographic survey, permitting, landscape architecture, and civil engineering for the senior living facility. Vierbicher also worked with the landowner and City to update and submit the General Implementation Plan (GIP), Specific Implementation Plan (SIP), Certified Survey Map (CSM), and assisted the owner with City approvals. Vierbicher assisted the client in securing funding for a portion of the project through tax increment financing (TIF) from the City of Middleton.

One of the main challenges of the project was to mitigate flooding concerns and improve drainage throughout the area, due to the relatively low elevations.


Tuuka Properties


Middleton, Wisconsin




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