City of Dodgeville 2021 Street Reconstruction

Photo Credit to Vierbicher

Project Description

Vierbicher provided professional surveying and engineering services to the City of Dodgeville for their 2021 Street Reconstruction, which included the reconstruction of Leffler and Dydno Street (950 LF), Jewett and Short Street (1000 LF), and Quarry and Dacotah Street (1100 LF), including grading, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main, base course, curb and gutter, asphalt pavement, concrete sidewalk, landscaping, restoration of the work area, and other miscellaneous items.

New water and sewer mains replaced utilities from the 1970s. Quarry St also required the addition of watermain. Adding this watermain improved system performance and reliability.

The existing streets were rural sections with poor drainage. This project added curb & gutter and a storm sewer system to improve drainage eliminate flooding issues.

Jewett St was widened from 18 feet wide to 31 feet which improved safety and parking on the street. A curbline delineating the City’s shop parking lot and the adjacent roadway was added, along with traffic control measures to facilitate orderly traffic flow.

Vierbicher partnered with the City on this project to improve the City’s infrastructure, safety, and traffic flow for the businesses and residents of the community.


City of Dodgeville


Dodgeville, Wisconsin




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