Stoughton Economic Development Action Plan


Stoughton’s Economic Development Committee required an implementation plan tailored to achieve specific community vision objectives while able to be implemented with existing community capacity and resources.


The Economic Development Committee was presented with a set of 25 Core Economic Development Strategies ranked according to capacity to implement within three to five years. Through three meetings, the committee selected four priority strategies that will provide the greatest impact given local capacity and resources.

Based on these strategies, the Vierbicher team created a set of situation analysis, objectives, action items, benchmarks, budgets and timelines for each strategy. These items together represent a 5-year implementation program designed to meet committee objectives and create a more competitive business climate within the City.


The Action Plan proved to be a valuable tool for the community by focusing economic development efforts, identifying necessary resources and facilitating budget deliberations associated with Plan implementation. The identified quantitative and qualitative measures required for successful implementation provide a benchmark for progress and the identification of resources and skills necessary for implementation of each task allow for more strategic division of labor and better utilization of existing resources. The end result of the plan is a streamlined and tailored approach to achieving economic development goals.