Gays Mills Long-Term Community Recovery Program

Project Description

The Kickapoo River has a history of flooding the Gays Mill’s central business district and adjacent residential neighborhoods. After back-to-back 500-year flood events in 2007 and 2008, Gays Mills requested FEMA initiate a Long-Term Community Recovery (LTCR) Program. This action resulted in FEMA implementing an intense planning process that resulted in the preparation of the Gays Mills Long-Term Community Recovery Plan. Upon completion of the planning process, the Village implemented the following Long-Term Community Recovery project:

  • Acquisition/demolition of 36 residential properties
  • Flood proofing of 10 residential properties
  • Acquisition/demolition of impacted commercial properties
  • Construction of a new Municipal Building, Library, EMS and Public Works Shop
  • Development of a new Central Business District for relocation and new businesses
  • Development of new residential neighborhood for single family & multi-family