Housing Study and Needs Assessment

Project Description

Waukesha had recently experienced a number of changes to the City and to the Downtown area. Local demographics had changed, with new residents moving to the area in order to take advantage of local job opportunities and current residents entering retirement age. Local employers were concerned that their workforce would not be able to find housing within the City and would be more difficult to hire and retain. Older residents wanted to downsize, yet stay near family and friends. There was not enough housing to accommodate all those wishing to purchase or rent in the City.

The City of Waukesha hired Vierbicher to prepare a housing study and needs assessment in order to address their housing shortage. Vierbicher sought public input through an online public survey and through listening sessions with local experts and residents. Vierbicher also prepared a demographic profile and studied local housing supply and demand to assess housing issues and opportunities. The housing study and needs assessment focused on four elements; municipal policy, infill and new housing, rehabilitation, and affordable housing. Goals, objectives, and strategies were developed to address each of these elements. The document is currently being used as a guide to housing-related decision making and for the review of rezoning, conditional use, and planned development applications.