Village of New Glarus Brewery Expansion

Opportunity to increase economic development in New Glarus

Home of the popular “Spotted Cow” and “Fat Squirrel”, the New Glarus Brewery Company has experienced overwhelming success in its modest facility along Highway 69 in the Village of New Glarus. Since its creation in June of 1993, the brewery has seen sales increase approximately thirty percent annually. In both 1995 and 1998 the brewery was named as one of the world’s ten best breweries in the World Brewery Championship.

As the brewery’s sales continued to grow, so did the demand placed on the brewing facility and its site. In 2006, the brewery maxed out their existing facility with an annual production of 40,000 barrels. In order to accommodate growth, the company purchased a larger site on the periphery of the Village to build an additional brewing facility.

Expanded brewery production and improved infrastructure

The new $19 million facility, constructed in 2008, allows the brewery to almost triple production and brew an additional 100,000 barrels annually. In addition, the expansion is injecting sixty new jobs into the community over the first three years of production. With a population of less than 2,500 residents, the brewery has a substantial impact on the Village’s economy. Not only is it a source of employment and tax base, but the facilities are a major tourist destination. In a community that depends largely on tourism for economic health, the brewery’s new facilities assist in creating a promising and sustainable future for New Glarus.

As an on-going advisor to the Village, Vierbicher assisted in the facilitation of the process that made this vision a reality. A new Tax Increment Finance District was created that allowed the Village to provide the facility with public services and other improvements necessary to serve the site. The new brewery will generate over $16 million in TIF increment over the life of the district. Vierbicher staff assisted with the negotiation of the developer’s agreement with the brewery owners that provided the technical framework for moving forward with construction. As the Village’s building inspector, Vierbicher provided all building inspection services throughout the construction process.