North Ridge Estates

Project Description

Vierbicher provided engineering and construction services for the North Ridge Estates residential development. This development included both single-family lots and multi-family units. The development included numerous stormwater facilities and pedestrian paths.

This development occurred over several years and in five separate phases. This area was constructed in an area with shallow bedrock. As a result, rock blasting of the bedrock occurred throughout each phase. The bedrock was crushed and used for street base course and utility trench backfill.

The adjacent street, Madison Street, was also improved as a result of the development. This street provides a critical north-south connection for this area of the Village.

The design included preparation of construction plans, specifications and permit applications. Approvals from the Village, Dane County, and the WDNR were obtained for this development


Dean & Deb Ripp


Waunakee, Wisconsin




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