Reedsburg Westside Storm Sewer & Groundwater Interceptor

Project Description

Significant areas of the west side of Reedsburg suffer flooding caused by the existing storm sewer system backing up with high flood waters of the Baraboo River. These same areas also are subject to high groundwater, causing significant inflow into basements and the sanitary sewer system. In response to these problems, a CDBG Flood Recovery grant was obtained to fund the construction of a new stormwater interceptor sewer to alleviate the flooding problem. In general, the project included constructing a new deep stormwater interceptor sewer which changed the discharge location to a point where the Baraboo River flood elevation is lower. The project also included two detention basins, upgrading local storm sewers, replacing sanitary sewer and water main as required to accommodate the new interceptor sewer and reconstructing streets.

To address the high groundwater problem in the area, the City also installed a drain tile system in conjunction with the stormwater interceptor. The drain tile was designed to reduce the groundwater table below the elevation of adjacent basements. The drain tile was also sized to allow lateral tile lines to be installed in the future. The tile system has performed very well and has greatly reduced the basement flooding problems within the cone of influence.

Vierbicher provided the following services for the project:

  • Preliminary Engineering Study
  • CDBG – EAP Grant Application
  • Plans & Contract Documents
  • Regulatory Permits & Approvals
  • Bidding & Contract Award
  • Construction Phase Services