Sauk County Highway Department

Project Description

The Sauk County Highway Department recently underwent renovations at their shop facilities located in Reedsburg and Baraboo. The renovations aimed to modernize and improve the functionality of the facility, which serves as a hub for highway maintenance operations in Sauk County, Wisconsin. The project involved several key updates and modifications.

The renovations included new buildings, reconstructed parking lots and drives, and resurfacing the parking lot and driveway to provide a safer and more functional area for parking and maneuvering of vehicles.

Overall, the Sauk County Highway Department shop renovations aim to modernize and improve the functionality of the facility, creating a more efficient and comfortable working environment for highway maintenance operations. These updates are expected to enhance the department’s ability to carry out their responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

The Sauk County Highway Department is responsible for maintaining over 700 miles of roads in the county. The renovations to the shop will allow the Highway Department to better serve the needs of the community by providing a more efficient and effective way to maintain the roads.

Vierbicher provided land surveying, wetland delineation confirmation, site design, stormwater management, and municipal permitting for the project.




Reedsburg & Baraboo, Wisconsin


Under Construction


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