State Fair Park – North Point

Project Description

Photo Credit – Cunningham

Wisconsin State Fair Park in West Allis, WI, is a year-round fairground and exhibition hub. It has hosted the Wisconsin State Fair since 1892 and annually hosts hundreds of other conventions, shows, exhibitions, and celebrations.

The “North Point” area of State Fair Park is located at the confluence of the pedestrian crossing beneath Hank Aaron Trail, Turn 4 of the Milwaukee Mile Race Track, the cattle barns, and the northern terminal of the Sky Glider that connects the northern and southern parts of the park. These competing features were constructed and renovated at different times over the history of the site and have competing and conflicting needs. The staff and directors of State Fair Park desired to have these features work together cohesively during the main park event, the 11-day Wisconsin State Fair,

Vierbicher, partnered with Cunningham Group, evaluated the uses, buildings, pathways, access points, and utilities in this area to reimagine how the space can better function during the Fair, while still supporting the accumulated individual uses throughout the year. Using large and small-group design charettes, the design team created a master site plan of the area that included upgrades to safety, visitor amenities, vendor space, traffic circulation, and utilities that could be constructed in phases.

Vierbicher coordinated the planning groups and subcontractors for the project and has led development of the Phase I plans for the project, which will begin construction after the 2023 State Fair.