The Depot Apartments Site Development

Project Description

The Depot Apartments is a redevelopment project in the Bassett neighborhood district of Madison near the UW-Madison campus. This project required demolition of a bus depot and parking area and construction of three linked buildings that line the edges of the site and contain an internal surface parking area. The finished building contains 11,000 sf of retail space, 82 apartment units and 26 surface and 96 underground parking stalls.

The proximity of the site to other large warehouse buildings and the City’s requirement to position the buildings close together and close to the street required careful consideration of access points and stormwater management. Accessible transitions from the adjacent City Street to the parking entrances and to the retail space were critical. Surface parking is positioned above the underground parking at street level. This requires collecting stormwater in multiple small inlets installed within the parking structure and piping it through the structural support system to the public storm sewer.


The Depot Apartments, LLC


Madison, Wisconsin




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