Town of New Glarus Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

Project Description

Vierbicher worked with the Town of New Glarus to update their Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP) to enable them to apply for DNR funding.

This work included a community-wide survey and a public input session to allow residents to share ideas for trail connections and future recreational opportunities in the coming years. In addition, Vierbicher worked with the Town’s Parks Committee to identify nine trails that connect the town residents to regional trails, surrounding towns, and the Village of New Glarus. Through the survey input, public input session, and meeting with the Plan Commission, the Parks Commission prioritized the trails that the Town should develop first based on the feedback and initial connections.

Additionally, the Town identified areas where a park could be developed based on population and access. The Town developed goals such as providing active and passive recreation, providing safe and efficient pedestrian and bicycle access, preserving and enhancing environmental corridors, coordinating park and recreation planning and development, and continuing education and awareness programs.

Vierbicher has experience in planning for park systems and experience with facilitating the public input that is an essential part of any CORP process. Working with communities to develop implementable goals and strategies for the community’s long- term health is integral to our planning efforts for every project we undertake. In an era where outdoor activities are competing with a myriad of other fitness and recreational activities, helping communities foster outdoor activities is a growing part of our focus.