Uptown Crossing

Project Description

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Like many communities in Dane County, the City of Fitchburg (City) is growing rapidly and faces a strong demand for housing. The City has developed a Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Housing Plan to direct development of land in the City and address housing needs, while building needed commercial and employment opportunities. As developers invest in projects to address the City’s needs, they are faced with a complex set of guidance, rules, and regulations.

In the Uptown Crossing development, Fitchburg Land Partners made the initial investment of land to create an infrastructure network supporting mixed use development. Following creation of the initial development, Vierbicher leveraged our network of development partners to absorb multiple phases of the project in a short period of time, One partner, Veridian Homes, developed a significant tract of single family housing and worked with Vierbicher to adapt the layout and vision to meet their branding standards. This relationship between Vierbicher and our development partners created a synergy that adds unique value to the developments we design.

Vierbicher has provided extensive professional design work along the Lacy Road corridor and is always happy to assist development teams working in the City of Fitchburg.


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