UW Whitewater – Andersen Library Parking Lot Renovation

Project Description

Vierbicher was selected by Division of Facilities Development and UW-Whitewater Campus to provide design and construction services for renovation of the parking lot serving Andersen Library on the UW Whitewater campus (DFD Project 10K1U).

The Andersen Library Parking Lot is One of the most heavily used parking areas on campus. The parking lot is a primary entry point to the library and the Center for Disabled Students, is located on a primary pedestrian corridor between campus and adjacent student housing, and is used for deliveries to the library and to access refuse and recycling containers.

The project goals included improving traffic circulation to eliminate trucks having to back out of the parking lot across pedestrian routes, creating ADA compliant parking spaces for students and staff accessing the Center for Disabled Students, designing safer corridors for pedestrian traffic through the parking lot, and meeting current DNR standards for stormwater treatment.

To achieve these goals, the project team designed a one-way circulation through the parking lot with angled parking. Dumpsters were moved to a screened enclosure that allowed waste haulers access to the bins without having to reverse through the parking lot. Pedestrian routes were adjusted and better defined with curb islands railings and pavement striping. Bio-retention facilities were designed in a small adjacent area which allowed the project to meet current DNR standards for sediment removal.


University of Wisconsin System – UW Whitewater Campus / Wisconsin Department of Administration (DFD)


Whitewater, Wisconsin




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