Village of Shorewood Hills Planning Services


Faced with redevelopment proposals for two specific areas along University Avenue, Shorewood Hills decided to develop two neighborhood plans to help guide redevelopment. Vierbicher assessed existing conditions in and around both areas, held two public workshops for each neighborhood and developed a plan for each area that addressed Plan Commission and resident concerns.

After completing these two neighborhood plans  within the Village, Vierbicher was hired in January of 2009 to complete the Village’s Comprehensive Plan, a process that had been idle since 2002.


Working with the Village’s Plan Commission, we held public meetings to ensure essential community involvement that was an integral component of the comprehensive planning process. Vierbicher coordinated an open house input session and a questions and answer session to collect feedback from the public on the Comprehensive Plan. The planning process resulted in an overarching theme: to preserve and enhance the existing quality of life in the Village’s single-family residential areas while promoting attractive and compatible redevelopment in commercial areas.

The Village also voted to create two tax increment districts to implement investments that were recommended as part of each neighborhood planning process. Vierbicher assisted the Village in creating both tax increment districts, applied for grant funding for projects, designed park landscaping and worked with an ad-hoc Village committee to implement streetscaping improvements within Tax Increment District #3.


Vierbicher continues to provide on-going support to the Village for their planning and zoning needs. Because the Village is a land-locked community, projects have mainly involved redevelopment planning and implementation along the University Avenue corridor. Vierbicher has worked closely with Village staff and the Village attorney in reviewing development submittals for the Village to ensure compliance with Village ordinances and plans.