Public Funding Services

Don’t let a lack of funding get in the way of fulfilling your goals

Aggressive and creative use of public funding programs can be the key to a viable project. With more than 45 years of experience, Vierbicher has developed an excellent track record for securing funding by utilizing a variety of state, federal and local programs. These include grants, subsidized loans and tax incremental financing.

Effective planning and collaboration with our clients and funding agencies greatly improves the odds. Our expansive knowledge of funding programs allows us to analyze what is available and pursue the most relevant opportunities.

Our public funding expertise sets us apart from other firms. We’re proud to be part of so many successfully completed projects.

Vierbicher Public Funding Services

Proven Results

Nearly $100 million in grants
Over 85 percent application success rate
Creation of over 125 Tax
Increment Districts (TIDS)
Amendment of over 90 TIDS


Capital Improvements Planning
Funding Research & Analysis
Grant & Subsidized Loan Applications
Grant & Loan Administration
Tax Incremental Financing
Stormwater Utilities
Redevelopment Authorities
Business Improvement Districts
Special Assessments
Impact Fees

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