Wisconsin Revises Wetland Screening and Delineation Process

09 Mar Wisconsin Revises Wetland Screening and Delineation Process

Last June the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) introduced an updated process regarding the screening and delineation of project sites containing potential wetlands. Additional information is now needed from applicants for storm water permits (NOIs), wetland permits, Chapter 30 waterway permits and large farm permits (CAFOs). Being informed about these updates is crucial in ensuring that projects stay on time, because missing information can result in a series of holds or delays. Prior to receiving a DNR permit, all potential sites must be screened for wetlands. The minimum screening requirement includes a desktop review of potential wetland indicators and all adjacent areas within 75 feet of the site. Once the initial review is complete, a DNR approved on-site review is necessary for sites in which indicators are present. If this second screening once again indicates the presence of wetlands, a wetland delineation must follow. Wetland delineation is a more comprehensive onsite review that focuses on the accurate identification of wetland boundaries and must be performed by an assured delineator, someone who meets the DNR’s educational criteria and technical skill requirements. Click to view the Vierbicher Bulletin Wetland Screening & Delineation, which summarizes this process and provides a helpful chart representing the individual steps needed for site approval. Vierbicher’s experts are ready to assist both public and private clients with managing wetland issues. For additional information on wetland screening and delineation, please contact: Neil Pfaff, PE, PH, CST 608-768-4806 npfa@vierbicher.com Andrew Geffert, PE 608-821-3958 gef@vierbicher.com
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