City of Prairie du Chien Water System Improvements

Project Description

The City of Prairie du Chien  has made numerous improvements to their water system to meet growing demands, deal with aquifer contamination issues, and to replace deficient facilities. Water system improvement projects included:

  • New 1,350 gpm Well & Pumphouse
  • New 500,000 Gallon Reservoir
  • New 900,000 Gallon Reservoir
  • Substantial Upgrades to the Water Distribution System
  • Rehab of Well No. 1¬†and No. 2

The improvements have been funded using a combination of CDBG grants, Safe Drinking Water loans and Tax Incremental Financing.

Vierbicher has provided services to Prairie du Chien since 1987. Services for their water system include: engineering, grant writing, tax incremental financing, surveying and GIS services to the City.