Dane County Sustainability Campus

Project Description

In addition to running a state-of-the art waste management and recycling facility, the Dane County Department of Waste & Renewables (DCW&R) is actively planning for the future of waste disposal and recycling needs of Dane County. As the current Rodefeld Landfill nears the end of its useful life, DCW&R has purchased 230 acres of the eastern portion of the Yahara Hill Golf Course to build their next waste management facility. Looking to the future, DCW&R this area will support a Sustainability Campus consisting of a Sustainable Business Park, Waste & Renewables Operations, Landfill, and Composting facilities.

Vierbicher was selected to assist DCW&R in developing engagement plans for this project to build support within the community. As part of this work, Vierbicher developed schematic plans of the potential future facility, assisted with amending the neighborhood plan, and researched potential businesses and landfill operations that incorporate a public/private partnership to divert portions of the waste stream. This work included initial concept analysis of site access constraints and review of available utilities to support the campus functions.